These Are All The Celebrities Who’ve Had To Evacuate Because Of The L.A. Wildfires

1. Chrissy Teigan and John Legend

Chrissy Teigan and her clan were forced to evacuate due to the fires raging near her L.A. home. Obviously, Chrissy did an excellent job at making light of an awful situation with her remarkable sense of humor when she let Twitter know about her families situation.

Now, before everyone who doesn’t understand what a sense of humor is Teigen also sent a Tweet thanking all the brave people working night and day against these fires.

“We are fine and we will be fine. thinking of everyone else affected and continuing my lifelong intense love of firefighters.”

We’re glad one of our favorite celebrity couples and an all-around adorable family are doing just fine, hopefully, they enjoy those limited edition Oreos!

2. Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler decided to chime in with a more dark and apocalyptic vibe. She seems to blame Donald Trump for the natural disaster, which seems a bit much but hey, who knows at this point?

Hopefully, she’s wrong about her ominous forecast of the impending darkness. Relax Chelsea, don’t start ruining 2018 for me now. That is my job, thank you very much. One I am perfectly capable of doing all by my damn self!

3. Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton seemed a bit more scared of her ongoing situation and rightfully so. The pictures look like a scene from a Michael Bay film. She also took to Twitter to keep fans up to date with her and her pets during the fires.

“This wildfire in LA is terrifying!”

I will certainly take your word for it, Paris. No doubt about that.We’re just thankful she saved her pets as well. She also went on to Tweet out a message to all the brave men and women battling against the blazes in the Los Angeles area.

“My house is now being evacuated to get all of my pets out of there safely. Thank you to all the firefighters who are risking their lives to save ours. You are true heroes!”

4. Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow and her family were another group of celebrities that was displaced thanks to the inferno. After being forced to evacuate when the fire came dangerously close to their Bel Air Mansion. Luckily, her family is safe and sound, hoping for the best for her mansion. I’m sure she’ll be just fine either way, I mean I’m sure she’s sold a TON of those vaginal steamers of hers.

5. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Now, we all know how much Kim loves her house. I mean Kim REALLY loves her house, she designed every single inch of it. Every little detail because of course, she needed her home to be “perfect.”  She got her dream home, she also got evacuated from said home when the blaze got within a dangerous proximity to Kim and Ye’s mansion, Luckily the whole family is doing just fine, not sure about their dope crib though. Just happy to say that the entire tribe is safe.

6. Brenda Harvey Richie

When you think about heroes, obviously Lionel Richie is high atop of the list of historical heroes, Achilles, Hercules, Lionel Richie. Brenda Harvey Richie, who may be better known as Lionel’s ex-wife or Nicole Richie’s adoptive mother was in need of some assistance. She needed help evacuating from the fire, and Lionel answered that call! She even busted out her Twitter fingers and thanked the hero we all deserve.

“@LionelRichie has been here helping me evacuate! Thank Go for him!”

Damn right, Brenda! Thank Go. Thank Go.