This Guy Came Up With The Most Outrageous Reason For Calling A Girl ‘Baby’ And It’ll Make You Scream

When guys are looking for something out of a conversation, 99.9% of the time they’re going to try and butter you up by sprinkling sugar all over that convo. You know, sweet talk. The “baby,” “lover,” “honey,” “sunshine,” kind of crap that have a lot of girls melting in their panties. It seems as though most guys know what they’re doing when they decide to go down that path, they know what they want and just how to get it. But, women are smarter than they think. We know the games, the one-liners, the plans to try and get what they want. And, most women who are pretty damn woke won’t stand for it. They’re not about that life.

Perfect example: Twitter user @shutyourhell, aka Farha. Farha isn’t about that f*ckboy life. She knows exactly what they try to do and how they try to do it. That’s why she posted some proof that guys can be absolute dogs sometimes. Some guy who DM’d her on Twitter got the ignore, but proceeded to try again and call her “baby” when she didn’t answer the first time. She clearly responded “don’t call me that,” but, his reasoning for calling her baby is probably the craziest excuse I’ve ever seen from a f*ckboy in my entire life. He says:

“I didn’t hahah I was talking to my baby cousin and clicked speech to text by accident and hit sent with my elbow while playing with him without realizing.”

I’m speechless, too, girl. That’s the wildest excuse I’ve ever seen. I mean, God bless him for having some sense of an imagination. I can’t imagine how quick of a thinker this dude must be to come up with this reasoning off the cuff. Or, maybe he’s used to being rejected and has this excuse stored in his iPhone notepad. I think the second explanation makes more sense. Of course, Twitter was in awe after seeing this.