4 Ways Dating A F*ckboy Can Actually Help You In Future Relationships

Yes, you read that right. This may seem impossible after you’ve been screwed over by multiple frat boys and lax bros, but it’s true. After all the f*ckboyery I’ve experienced throughout high school and college, I’m pretty much an expert on the subject. Quite literally, I could write the book on it. BUT I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Dating a fuckboy can actually make your relationships more genuine and fulfilling. No bullsh*t.

1. Your f*ckboy radar will be heightened.

When you date a f*ckboy you get to know all of the red flags that come along with the territory. Does he disappear for days, then resurface and act like nothing happened? How about a late night booty call after a night of ghosting you? After a while, these patterns become pretty predictable and you’ll learn to spot their type in their natural habitat. Every time he does something, take a mental note. In the words of Taylor, “keep receipts,” you’ll know better next time.

2. You’ll discover what’s really important in a relationship.

Ending a relationship with a f*ckboy is hard because we hold on to all of their good features and are blind to the bad. I don’t know about you, but dishonesty and cheating aren’t redeeming qualities in anyone I want to be dating. Once you date this type of guy you’ll know exactly what you DON’T want out of a relationship. Everyone looks for different characteristics in their significant others but from my experience, two traits stand out. Be on the lookout for a guy who values honesty and kindness above all else.