4 Ways Dating A F*ckboy Can Actually Help You In Future Relationships

3. You’ll learn not to tolerate bullsh*t.

It’s a common fuckboy gene to treat the girls ( yes, probably multiple) they’re dating like sh*t. But we don’t have to be okay with it. Why waste your time with someone who treats you badly, when you could be with your friends, or spending time with a guy who actually likes you? Whenever he tries to mansplain his way out of making out of a girl right in front of you or is shady with his texts, shut it the fuck down. Don’t be a doormat, this behavior is unacceptable. This will teach you to be more vocal about the behaviors you don’t like in a future relationship.

4. You’ll become a better partner to your next “someone.”

Similar to discovering what you want in a significant other, after dating a fuckboy, you’ll realize what kind of partner you don’t want to be. Since you’ve been hurt before, being aware of how you treat your new beau will keep history from repeating itself. It will also set the bar to how you want to be treated as well. Being on the same page is extremely important. You’ll learn to appreciate your partner in a way you never had with anyone in the past.  Is this what support feels like?!

So seemingly, dating a f*ckboy isn’t totally useless after all. But there’s no need to thank him. In the end, he’ll most likely be living the eternal single life, while you ride off into the sunset with your new love. Breakup won.