Modern Day Love Letters Still Exist, But There’s A Pretty Big Catch

“The Notebook,” we’ve all probably seen one hundred and ten times, no joke. It depicts such a perfect story of what we all wish our love lives could be like.

If you have never seen the movie before I will give you a quick summary. Long story short, Allie in the rich girl in town visiting for the summer, she meets Noah, not so rich guy. Of course, he parents don’t approve and her mom is a mean mom, definitely not a cool mom. Allie’s mom forces her to end her summer fling earlier and Noah writes Allie a love letter every day for an entire year.

365 love letters later and Allie never read a single one. I’m sure you can guess why but if you can’t it is because of her EVIL mother. She takes all of the letters and tells Allie that Noah did not write, not even once. (She lied).

Noah and Allie eventually see each other again and I’m not going to spoil the rest of the movie for you because that would be just wrong. If you’ve never watched the movie with your boyfriend, I highly recommend you do.

After much force, my boyfriend agreed to watch The Notebook with me and he actually loved it. I being my annoying self-questioned why I did not receive love letter every day. And of course, 49 cents for a stamp was just not worth it for my boyfriend when he could just send a text.  So maybe $178.85 on stamps for a whole year of love letters is not worth it when we have a phone bill to pay but I still think love letters need to be a thing.

I challenged my boyfriend to send me a love letter every day for a week, but of course, there was a catch. The letters had to be sent via text.

Every morning I woke up to something like this and it was amazing:

Dear Alexis,

You are everything to me. I need you to know that first of all. Second of all your stuck with me sorry. I want to do life with you and only you. You are so amazing I don’t know I even got you. Your hardworking attitude and love never stops even when you’re in a tough time. I am so proud of you in so many ways my love. You have taught me so much good in life, it’s absolutely crazy.

A text that is longer than three words, amazing!