My Boyfriend Bought Us This Vibrator & It Completely Changed Our Sex Life

Raise your hand if you love sex! Now raise your hand if you love having an orgasm! Now, raise your hand if you usually have sex without having an orgasm

Welcome to the world of a modern woman, where 80% of women can’t have an orgasm during intercourse alone. You heard that right. 80%. THAT’S A HUGE NUMBER, PEOPLE. (Especially when your partner orgasms every single time). Now, there are obviously other ways to go about reaching that big O during your steamy rendezvous, but let’s face it – lot of men just don’t quite know how to get you there.

But, the female orgasm is SO IMPORTANT. Women’s pleasure has always been an overlooked part of sex, sometimes deemed as unimportant or an obstacle your man has to “overcome.” But to be honest, it doesn’t have to be so much work.

I, along with most women, have trouble having an orgasm from sex alone (and trust me, it’s not for lack of trying). My boyfriend understands how much this could hinder our sex life, and believes in fulfilling sexual experiences for both of us. So for my birthday, he bought me the Magic Wand vibrator, which has been the #1 personal vibrator on the market for like, 30 years. It’s the mother of all vibrators. The crème de la crème. If I could hand distribute this vibrator to every woman on the planet, I would.

And I promise you there’s a reason it’s been around so damn long.

The Magic Wand vibrator is definitely not what I was originally on the market for. I wanted something small, discreet, and easy to hide, something I’m used to. My boyfriend, on the other hand, decided to go all out and ensure that this purchase would be like… it for us.

And Holy God in heaven was he right.