Modern Day Love Letters Still Exist, But There’s A Pretty Big Catch

I was receiving texts like this every morning and it really made me feel so loved and special. I began to feel like I wanted to do more for my boyfriend and make him feel the same way that I was feeling. I couldn’t get mad at him for the dumb little things that he would do like leave empty water bottles lying around or leaving his shoes by the couch in the living room. I became more accepting of him and who he is because he was expressed how he really felt about me.

As the days progressed I noticed that my boyfriend was opening up more too, not just via text but in person as well. We began having more engaging conversations about ourselves and what we want in life together. It seemed as if our relationship took a very mature turn for the better all because he was writing to me and giving me more than a few meaningless words. In the week that this little experiment occurred there was no bickering in our relationship which usually tends to happen quite often. I felt constant love and affection. It was nice waking up to more than just “Good Morning,” and there is such a difference in reading “I love you,” versus “ILY.” It makes such a difference in your relationship when you are being told what exactly you mean to the other person and how you are making such a positive impact in their life. We need to know these things.

Noah told Allie exactly what she meant to him and how she became such a big part of his life one summer. Those letters made such a difference in their relationship in the end. (Low key spoiler alert!)

Modern-day love letters do exist. It is possible to ditch the lingo and the emojis. A text really can mean so much more. As a society, we should be thankful for all of the technological advancements in the world. If we didn’t have phones, internet and Wifi I would not be able to share this story currently. But, just because the digital world has taken over does not mean it can’t be romantic.

How do you force your boyfriend to write you modern day love letters? You could buy him a book of stamps or force him to watch The Notebook, and then complain for an hour that you’ve never received a love letter! Totally kidding, complaining is probably going to get you nowhere unless you are me and the queen at complaining.

Honestly is always the best policy. Tell him it would mean the world to you if he starting texting you letters. I’m sure if he loves you, he will agree! Explain to him all the benefits that will come out of this little experiment. Challenge him to do so because guys are always up for a challenge.