This Girl Asked Her Dream Guy Out On Twitter And Four Years Later, He Responded With A Proposal

Dating and social media have been synonymous for years. Think about all the times you entered AOL chat rooms against your parent’s advisory and got hit with the A/S/L line. Or, when we were all on MySpace cruising through stranger’s profiles. Time flies when you’re trying to find perspective love interests on social media, am I right? It seems as though when we talk about our “love interests” on social media, there’s a .1% chance it’ll really go anywhere, especially when your love interest is semi-well known. But for Torey Stachowicz, it’s as though the social media Gods were looking out for her.

Torey Stachowicz, according to Mashable, is a personal trainer in Cleveland, Ohio, with a specific love interest with a local sportswriter. She tweeted in 2014 to the writer, Ben Axelrod, that she truly wanted to go on a date with him. Thinking nothing would really happen, she probably forgot about it–never thinking he would answer.

But, surprisingly, a few hours later, he simply replied: you buying?

Not waiting too long (get it girl), she responded yes, at his favorite place, too.

Ben cleverly responded that she could pick, as long as the place had chicken fingers.

The rest…well, it seems is history. We don’t know what happened in the four-year gap of Torey and Ben’s relationship, other than that it went extremely well because four years later, Ben tweeted:

Along with an adorable photo to match.

And, Torey was clearly stoked.

And, strangers on Twitter were extremely excited for them, too.

It just goes to show you, Twitter can find you your one true love.