10 Break-Up Stories That Will Have You Bawling Your Eyes Out

It’s not me..it’s you..

Break up’s aren’t usually what a conventional couple aspire to do when entering a relationship. In fact, it’s to do the complete opposite. But of course, there are those unfortunate cases where going your separate ways is truly for the best. That is if both partners have good reasons, too. Some, just decide to let go of the other for the most unexplainable motives and to our luck, these unexplainable motives end up being a great form of entertainment.


My boyfriend wanted to take me to a movie after days of not seeing me. This long awaited date involved me paying for food and my movie ticket when he ran out of cash again. He then dumped me as we left the theater walking to his car. I financed my own breakup date.


My boyfriend of 2 years wanted to break up because I was “kissing” another guy. That guy was 73 years old and dying of a heart-attack. I work as an Ambulance Technician and was performing CPR.


After many attempts at getting my girlfriend to ride the bus to see me rather than taking Uber, she finally did. She ended up meeting a man who convinced her that she should break up with me. She listened.


I told to my girlfriend of 5 years that I’m depressed about having no friends, no job, and a difficult family life. I told her that she’s the one constant that keeps me going. She decided this was a good time to break up with me to “find” herself since I was being so mopey.


My girlfriend heard a great quote about not letting anyone drag her down. She took it to mean, “break up with your boyfriend.”


My girlfriend invited me over for the first time. I pulled up to her house just to be denied at the front door by her mom. She’d invited me over to break up with me, but had her mom do it for her.


My superstitious girlfriend of 4 years sneezed in the middle of my proposal. She claimed it was a sign from the universe for us to break up and then immediately left.


My boyfriend told me love is like a drug. I started tearing up because this is the most romantic he has been in a while. He then went on to break up with me, telling me that my “prescription is up.”


My girlfriend decided to break up with me because she found a bra in my cupboard. It was hers.


My boyfriend drove to my house to break up with me. He only did so after I’d vacuumed the whole house to compensate for his cat allergies. I thought he was just coming to dinner.