10 Things Every Girl Loves To Hear From Her Partner

Use with caution..

When it comes to us ladies, there’s things you shouldn’t say and there are things that you SHOULD say. Doesn’t matter what the situation is – I am pretty positive that if any of these words below make their graceful exit out of your mouth, you will have yourself a very content female.

1. “Let’s get some food.”

Instant Lady-boner. The fact that you care about our eating regimen is such a turn on.

2. “You smell good.”

We could never stop appreciating the fact that you’ve managed to notice a douse of our Chance by Chanel after spraying it on like 50 times. And yes, we do the spraying in the air and gracefully walking through the mist thing at the end.

3. “Come here.”

I will most definitely go wherever I can get myself wrapped in your arms.

4. “Why are you so pretty?”

THIS. THIS QUESTION melts our hearts. But it’s also the most confusing question ever because we don’t know how to answer you. Honestly, I also kind of feel like this is the type of question that should be answered by my parents like…why am I pretty? What is the mix y’all used to make this?

5. “I miss you.”

The feeling is mutual by 1000%

6. “That’s my girl.”

Say it, scream it, publish it if you have too but this will never get old.

7. “Text me when you get home.”

The fact that you care enough to know that we got home safely is precious to us and it also means we get to text you later.

8. “**Our Name**”

It sounds a thousand times better when it comes out of your mouth, don’t ask us why but it does.

9. “It’s cute..like you.”

Cheesy but it get us every time.

10. “I love you.”

Well it means you love us.. It can’t get any better than that.

Disclaimer: If you’ve managed to commit some very heinous unjustifiable activity then this does not suit you and will not get you out of peril. Instead, you will be victim of physical harm.