9 Ways That Sex IRL Is Absolutely Nothing Like It Is In Movies

For years, movies have given people unrealistic expectations of relationships and love. Most movies show us that when we’re down, a “prince charming” will come and save us from all of life’s problems. Between unrealistic expectations of relationships and happy endings, it’s no wonder we’re always being disappointed in romance. What’s worse is that when it comes to sex and making love, movies make it seem as though it’s always – every single time – wonderful and perfect. Let’s face it, sex isn’t always perfect, nor is it always wonderful. Actually, many of times throughout our lives – it sure as hell won’t be. There’s no passionate makeout sessions without some weird head-butting and tripping over our shoes. There’s no perfect moment to get undressed and shut the lights without arguing who has to get up to do it. Bottom line? Sex in real life is nothing like the movies.

1. It never starts as seamlessly as it does in movies.

Sex doesn’t always just “happen.” Most of the time, couples argue about having sex, or, it’s something people talk about doing. Movies make it seem as though you lock eyes and *boom* passionate kissing and undressing happens. We all wish – right? It hardly ever happens that way and it makes us feel as though our sex lives are far from perfect or functional. But, truth be told, it’s normal if you’re telling your man you want to have sex and he gives you that “hunny I’m tired look.” Not ideal – but, hey, it happens to the best of us.

2. It can be awkward AF.

When you have sex with someone, especially for the first time, it can be awkward as hell. Seeing someone naked for the first time can be embarrassing and uncomfortable for some, there’s no “wowza” moment in real life most times. Don’t think that someone is going to paint you like one of their French girls and then leave everlasting handprints down the rearview window in your car. Not all sex is hot and steamy and perfect like that.

3. It’s not always romantic.

Sex sometimes can be romantic and passionate. But, most times, it’s sweaty and smelly and kind of just – sex. Most people aren’t doing the full-blown fingers in your hair, holding each other close for dear life and whispering “I love you” between every stroke.