31 Hilarious Tumblr Posts About Movies That’ll Make You Hate Watching Them Forever

Whenever we watch a specific genre of movies, we can’t help but notice there are so many similarities in plotlines  – that we’re basically watching the same movie over and over again. Think about it – action movies: someone gets kidnapped and/or dies in order for justice to be served. Dramas: someone is always struggling with a “life-changing” decision and goes on a quest to figure out the right answer. Rom-coms: someone loves someone else but can’t figure out the right way to say it. Nicholas Sparks movies: an overpaid actor loves an overpaid actress and the two end up emotionally damaging each other for two hours. While we love movies – going to watch them and binging them in our underwear at home – we also can’t help but point out all the similarities between them.