The Live-Action Aladdin Movie Added A Brand New Character & People Are Furious

Disney has been following the “live-action” wave ever since they decided to go forward with “Beauty & the Beast,” which was a huge success. Now, The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, and Aladdin are up next to be turned into real-live films with human actors and not cartoons. While we’re excited to see our favorite childhood movies brought to life on the silver-screen, there has been a lot of controversy surrounding who has been cast into certain roles for films – in terms of ethnicity and race.

Aladdin is a 1992 Disney film that takes place in Agrabah and all of the characters are Middle Eastern. So far, in the live action film, the production crew have been “careful” in casting “ethnic” actors to play the lead roles. And, so far, people haven’t been that disappointed in the casting – but, now, news has broken that the live-action film added a new character that was not part of the 1992 version – and he’s white.

Billy Magnussen was cast as a new character Prince Anders, who was not part of the 1992 cartoon film. Of course, fans were unhappy with the choice of actor, as well as character, because it makes the film not-authentic any longer. People have been in uproar online over this change because it makes the remake completely different – as reports have surfaced the film has been “rewritten.” Fans are also pointing out that Beauty & the Beast was kept “original,” while this seems to be a disaster. Many are saying that the directors are looking to “white wash” the film, which is primarily Middle Eastern, because of “racial tensions in America.”

And, they’ve taken to Twitter to express their distaste.