This Racist White Woman Got Her Ass Beat By Another Woman & It’s Everything

Let me start by saying: f*ck racists. Point blank.

Racist people are the absolute worst. They make everyone feel uncomfortable with their racist mutters and inappropriate comments at the wrong time in the wrong places. Go somewhere else with your bullsh*t.

One woman knows exactly how I feel because she stood up for what is right in the world and basically took down this old, white, racist woman in a hotel lobby.

I am here for it.

And, so is the rest of the Internet.

Here’s what happened:

In a hotel lobby, one angry white lady muttered a racist comment about Haitian people. A bystander hears the comment and says something. The lady who said the racist comment got mad at this white bystander for not agreeing with her racist comment and gets in her face. The bystander decides to get ready for a fight – because she knew what was coming. Next thing you know, the racist woman pushes her – and, regrets it, because the bystander went all in with those hands. Just watch:

That’s some World Star video content right there. The woman in the blue dress (the racist) claims after the fight that she “is three months pregnant” and that the bystander who rocked her world would be going to jail.

Listen, lady, you got in her face first and, she warned you about what was going to go down. She clearly said if you touched her, it was going to go down. Maybe, if you cleaned out your racist ears, you’d hear better.

Twitter, of course, was having this.