Woman Left With Aggressively Swollen Lips After Eating Sam’s Club Hamburger Meat

Trying new food can be fun and adventurous, but sometimes you learn the hard way that allergies are no joke. 18-year-old Amiyah Evans learned her damn lesson after she had a horrific allergic reaction that landed her in the hospital.

Amiyah told BuzzFeed that she woke up on Saturday morning and had some swelling in her lip.

“I had small swellingon my lip, on the right side of my bottom lip. I thought that maybe I had gotten bit by something, or something like that, because it was really small.”


They kept getting bigger so she decided to go to the clinic around four in the afternoon. The doctor sent her home with Benadryl and steroids, assuming it would go away.


The doctors had no idea what she was allergic to and what was causing the reaction.

She did say that she had purchased hamburger meat from Sam’s Club, instead of Walmart like she usually does.

After returning home from the clinic, Amiyah’s lips kept getting bigger and bigger. By that time, her mother knew it time to take a trip to the hospital.


Although her lip was bigger than her actual face, she was in great spirits with her family in the hospital.

And her family thought it was funny, too.

It got so bad, thatAmiyah needed to be admitted and stay in the hospital for a few days.


But Twitter was there to keep her company and make her laugh with their endless jokes.

Amiyah ended up going home after her swelling went down—and, thanked everyone online for keeping her laughing and supporting her through this scary time.

We’re glad she’s made a full recovery!

h/t: BuzzFeed