This Guy Caught The Moment A Couple’s Fight Took A Turn For The Absolute Worst

Fighting with your significant other in public is something no one should do. When you add alcohol into the equation, well, you’re setting yourself up for disaster. Nowadays, there’s a pretty huge chance that when you cause a scene in public, you’ll end up on some sort of website or social media platform (do people still yell World Star during fights?) One Twitter user happened to capture the crazy moment when one couple’s fight took a pretty strange (and horrible) turn in public. It pretty much seems like a bunch of people were out to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day when one couple was stopped in the middle of a sidewalk arguing. After the girlfriend begins screaming, the boyfriend reacted–well, not well.

After over 450,000 saw the video, they couldn’t get over what went down. Also, Twitter was here to catch some other bright moments in the video.

While the video is hilarious at first glance, this relationship appears (from the video) to be pretty damn toxic and unhealthy for everyone involved. Clearly, this is something you would call a “red flag” and y’all should steer clear of it…always.