This Dad’s Reaction To His Wife Shaving Her Head Will Actually Bring You To Tears

When you fall in love with someone, many times you fall in love with their features and looks (actually, most times). While I’m a big supporter of personality>looks, I can’t deny that I adore my boyfriend’s blue eyes or his shaggy brown hair–it’s pieces of him I’ll always be attracted to. So, if my boyfriend decided to change his entire look up after dating for so long, it would be a bit of a shock–like any partner would feel towards their significant other. While we always fear the worst, thinking our lover will think we look “worse” or insinuate they liked the “older version” of us better, there are those people in the world that give us hope and make us believe that all love conquers all.

Twitter user Praize Kirkwood shared an adorable video of her parents after her mom decided to shave her entire head. According to the tweet, Praize’s mom has had long dreads for over 20 years, which is probably how her father met her and fell in love with her.

But, she decided to cut off all of her hair and start over with a brand new look–no hair at all. Praize says her mother was “worried” how her dad would react, but, when she walked in the room–well, just get ready for all of the feels. 

Numerous people on Twitter felt the same way, getting high-key emotional over the video and sharing their stories.