This Girl Live-Tweeted Her Entire Relationship & It’s Actually The Most Incredible Thing We’ve Ever Seen

Relationships nowadays are never truly just “ours” because with the world of social media upon us – everyone knows our business. Of course, there are some (like me) who try their best to keep their relationship milestones off Facebook and in the 3D real-world. However, I don’t knock those who like to express their love on the World Wide Web – in fact, sometimes it’s really sweet. And, shows the rest of the world there is hope in love for us all.

Zoe Calcote basically gave us all relationship goals when she decided to “live-tweet” her relationship with her boyfriend – who is now her husband. Now, she didn’t go tweeting about their sex-life or their personal problems – but, instead, their big milestones and adorable gestures that made these two fall madly in love.