This Husband Found A Genius Way To Get His Wife Gifts She Truly Wants & Twitter Is Obsessed

In relationships, getting your partner a gift can be really hard – especially if you want to surprise them. Sure, you can ask them what they want for their birthday/holiday/anniversary, but it’s not the same as getting them a surprise and them genuinely enjoying it. When you do try to surprise them, sometimes your gifts fall short of what they really want – and they end up returning it.

But, one man has officially changed the game of gifting to your significant other with this brilliant idea. Jordan Westfield and TyAnna Westfield have been together for three years and got married in March 2017. But, throughout their relationship, Jordan has always been the best at giving TyAnna gifts.

Jordan told BuzzFeed that he had been wanting to take TyAnna on a date for a while, before she finally said yes for Valentines Day in 2014. Finally scoring his “dream girl,” he wanted to get her a little something for the occasion, but had zero clue what to get.

A mutual friend of theirs suggested Jordan look on TyAnna’s Pinterest page – because she always “pins” things she really likes. Taking this suggestion, Jordan created a generic Pinterest page and began to follow TyAnna and her activity.

Over the years, he’s gotten her quite a few gifts from using Pinterest and she’s loved every single one of them. So, when someone tweeted “Is Pinterest still a thing?” Jordan revealed his secret to making his wife hella happy.

And, Twitter was in love.