14 “Friend Zone” Jokes That Women Will Love To Hate

Some guys think getting put in the Friend Zone is about the worst thing that can happen to a person. I would submit that if you think that, you’re not very good at putting yourself in the shoes of the opposite sex. Because dealing with a guy who thinks you owe him anything – friendship or something more – is way suckier.

Yes, that’s a word.


#14. If women were allowed to pick the name for this “zone.”


#13. See, some men get it.

#12. I hate when my opinions are inconvenient to a boner…Not.

#11. I promise you probably don’t want to know the actual reason. Let her be nice.

#10. Leave breadcrumbs, my friend.

#9. Down with the patriarchy.


#7. Humans make me regret basic human kindness on the regular.

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#6. That sad face at the end almost makes me forgive the inappropriate use of “you’re.”


#5. Why don’t you see what a good person I am, dammit?!

#4. I mean think about it.

#3. Actual perfection.


#2. Who needs friends, amirite?

#1. “I am very lucky to be alive.” *crying laughing*

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