Let This Dreamboat Help You Reject All The Gross, Thirsty Men In Your Life

Any woman on the internet knows the annoyance of a guy who just won’t leave her alone, whether on social media or in real life. And, of course, there are the worst guys—the ones who send unsolicited dick pics. It’s not cute, it’s harassment.

But, because not all guys are terrible, and allyship comes in all forms, one man made himself truly useful by tweeting what look like candid pics of himself, meant to be used to deflect unwanted male attention.

Trevor Norris (@trevor_norris0 on Twitter) included four pictures of himself in a tweet that read, “Saw there was an actual market of women that needed this… so here are some pictures y’all can use to send to guys that won’t leave you alone or keep sending you unsolicited pictures. Goodluck.”

The tweet went hugely viral, and Norris, being the all-around hero that he seems to be, offered to do more for anyone who wanted one.

He then provided eight more pictures after requests came flooding in.

Norris also pointed out that a woman who is being harassed on Instagram can contact the company.

And the results were fantastic. Women were thrilled that they now had realistic-looking pictures they could send to anyone bothering them to send the message “I got a man.”




Although one problem with going so viral is that in some cases, the dudes that got the pics sent to them had already seen them on Twitter.

One mom wrote to Norris to thank him and call him a genius.

Women were so happy that he found this niche need and filled it.

And even if you don’t need them to fend off unwanted advances, you have to admit they make excellent reaction shots.

The pictures truly have so many uses.

So hey, if you need a specific one, just hit up Trevor Norris on Twitter.

h/t: Twitter: trevor_norris0, Petty Mayonnaise