Twitter Has Never Been As Bitterly Divided As It Is Over This Panera Tweet

When you’ve got a Big Opinion, you don’t want to waste it by posting it to Facebook, where only your friends will see it. No, you’ve gotta get it out to the big time—to Twitter, where people you’ll never meet can weigh in on it.

So when Twitter user @yokaveli posted their take on the popular restaurant chain Panera—that it tastes like hospital food—it went viral, with people agreeing wholeheartedly or ready to basically lay down and die for it.

“Panera sells overpriced hospital food and everyone just seems to be okay w that,” the tweet read.

People had some SERIOUS OPINIONS. And the Panera stans were ready to throw down.

They happily named their fave Panera dishes.

But there were plenty of people who agreed with the sentiment and whose vote on Panera was definitely no.

And then there were people who defended hospital food, something with which I am fortunately entirely unfamiliar.

The tweet also found its way to Reddit (although it’s not clear if it’s by the same person), where more comments piled up, just as split as they were on Twitter.

This man out here disrespecting hospital food


Guess it depends on the hospital I guess. The hospital cafe I recently went to was staffed by some black aunties and sure while they weren’t culinary experts they were damn proud of their work and their love showed.


And then two Panera employees (one former, one current) really got into it.

But you know what? If it tastes good and the price is right, people are still going to want to eat it.

h/t: Petty Mayonnaise, Twitter: @yokaveli