People Are Tweeting Unpopular Opinions About Clothes, And Shots Have Been Fired

The trend of sharing “unpopular opinions” has been a popular one in 2019: Folks across Twitter have been voicing their unpopular opinions about alcohol, Gen Z, best friends, TV characters, music, food, and everything in between.

Earlier this week,  @wandda__ prompted Twitter users to give their “unpopular opinions” about clothes. Commenters led with, “wear what fits you.”

Pieces don’t need to be name brand, designer, or expensive in order to look stylish or cool.

Certain clothing items look better when they’re older, or paired with a new haircut.

Some people took offense with certain cuts or styles of gear, and with the idea of gendered clothing specifically.

Others argued that thin people aren’t so much fashionable as they are…thin.

A popular gripe I’d never encountered before dealt with keeping rich people away from thrift stores.

There were plenty advocating for wearing the same thing every day.


In conclusion: Wear whatever you like and makes you feel confident and comfortable.

h/t Twitter