Twitter Is Mortified At Story Of Woman Who Left 14-Year Marriage For Soulmate Who Then Rejected Her

Every day, people make the bold decision to deeply embarrass themselves on the internet. But one woman whose upcoming memoir is already leaving people cringing with secondhand shame may have outdone us all.

A first-person piece published in The Sydney Morning Herald recently caught the attention of social media. Written by Amanda Trenfield, the biographical account tells of a magical encounter with a man she refers to as Jason that ultimately convinced her to leave her marriage.

Trenfield met Jason during a business trip for her husband. Or rather, she says she initially met him 12 years earlier and had never forgotten him, but we don’t get any further explanation about that little tidbit in this excerpt from her upcoming book.

Either way, the two apparently flirted daringly in front of everyone at dinner throughout the entire evening, with Trenfield claiming her soulmate fed her across the table and “displayed a familiarity normally reserved for close friends or lovers.”

They had a drink at the hotel bar, their connection “becoming bolder as the night progressed,” and she begged to see him again at the end of the night.

“I now know without hesitation, without question, without any doubt in my mind, my body or my heart, that the energy we experienced that evening was our souls connecting,” she wrote.

And despite not seeing or speaking to him at all for the month that followed, Trenfield admitted she became so overwhelmed with thoughts of him that she ended her 14-year relationship.

But the real kicker comes after the article, where the Herald notes that the piece is an “edited extract from When a Soulmate Says No.”

A marriage so easily destroyed by a chance encounter with a random man probably wasn’t a strong one to begin with, and people get divorced every day, but actually packaging this and selling it as a story about how your alleged soulmate rejected you has got to be next level kind of embarrassing.

People on Twitter were mortified, and also had a lot of questions after reading the unexpectedly viral piece.

It certainly got a reaction, but not sure it’s the one the author was hoping for.

Live and learn, but maybe don’t publish everything along the way. However, if you’re desperate to see how this all plays out, you can always pre-order the book.