21 “Attractive People” Share The Downsides Of Being Hot

For the shlubs of the world, being naturally good looking may seem unattainable or unfair. Just because someone was fortunate enough to hit the genetic lottery, does that make them better than everyone else? But attractive people don’t exactly have it easy either. Though the grass may seem greener on the other side of the fence, that’s not always necessarily the case.

To gain some insight into what it’s like to be preternaturally good looking, Redditor u/MaliciousMemer posed the question in Ask Reddit: “Attractive people of Reddit. What are some negative things that come with being attractive?”

While many of the gripes were along the lines of what you’d expect—not being taken seriously, people assuming you’re stuck up, etc.—some were more unexpected. Whether you happen to find yourself personally attractive or are just an outsider looking in, the following responses may shed some insight into the world of attractive people.


Sometimes it feels like your value as a person becomes rooted in your appearance and having a personality and experiencing the spectrum of human emotions shatters whatever image of you someone has created in their mind. —fuckinghairytits


I’ve been very shy and plagued with anxiety for most of my life, and people have actually perceived that as being stuck up & vain. I’m outwardly cold and unexpressive because I’m terrified of people, not because I think I’m better than. And I’ve also spent much of my life believing I’m ugly & gross. Attractiveness doesn’t equal confidence. —swagcatlady


People make assumptions that you’re going to be cocky or arrogant, and won’t approach you. I generally have to initiate conversations. There’s also this odd behavior from strangers where it’s perfectly okay to criticize my appearance in this passive/aggressive sort of way. —hestianvirgin


Sometimes people automatically think you’re a fuckboy or a conceited asshole if you fit the stereotypical appearance of an attractive guy. —Irish-Godfather


Me, walking through the suburbs minding my own business:

Cars: H O N K —RoseyDove323


As a woman, not being taken seriously. Especially in a group of men. —BellaSmellaMozarella


People assume I’m dumb. —heather


You can’t just be friendly and joke with people. They almost always think you’re flirting. —NecronomiCats


My best friend is very attractive. People (especially other women) often automatically assume she is arrogant and that she thinks she is better than everyone. —dumdumts


I remember when I lost 100lbs years back I noticed tons of people were treating me very different. All the people that would side-eye me from across a room wanted to talk and get to know me. It made me kind of bitter because my personality hadn’t changed, but they made fun of my personality when I was fat. —mmm-pistol-whip