21 “Attractive People” Share The Downsides Of Being Hot


Aging. Because the “perks” I enjoyed as an attractive young woman are notably changed as I age. —HotDebate5


Being objectified, people will ghost you or become flat out mean after they either get what they want/find out you won’t give them what they want. (This is not exclusive to sex, but sex is probably the most common) —whyImcalledqueen


Being harassed in public. I’m not super attractive, but after I lost weight and started meeting more conventional beauty standards the attention I got skyrocketed. I have been followed around the grocery store. Groped by strangers while I went about my business. Shouted at on the street. It’s scary sometimes. —caffeinatedkady


I’ve had several relationships where my partners would lie about how they felt, what they actually wanted or times that I hurt them because they were more invested in keeping the relationship going than actually enjoying being in a relationship, so they’d say whatever they thought they needed to keep me from wanting to leave. Also, people who feigned wanting to be in a relationship just to sleep with me (even though I’m already down for casual sex). I have a hard time trusting people. —redradbot


All the crime documentaries i have watched seem to indicate that an attractive woman is at greater risk of a stalker, jilted crush or ex-partner killing her —Ug0linisHOT


when I feel depressed and tell someone (which is hard) and I get scoffed at by people who don’t understand what I have to be depressed about. since being good looking automatically means your life is perfect in their eyes. —kennydacopyguy


Men seem to get enchanted by me and fall in love at first sight, but after a while, they realize I’m just a regular person with flaws and lose interest because I’m not the perfect sex goddess they thought I was.

Also, insecure mean girls hate on me. —wat_the_fuck_richard


Sexual harassment becomes an expected thing. From getting catcalled or a dirty message on Instagram to someone grabbing my booty in a crowded area.

Other women get extremely jealous if I’m a little friendly to their man. No I don’t want to have sex with your 40+ year old out of shape husband who looks like he hasn’t showered in a week. I just like his anime shirt.

People assume I’m dumb. I am, but I don’t like the assumption.

I’ve had 2 male roommates confess their love for me, we were just friends. I’ve given my number to dads for babysitting jobs and all I get is flirty messages. —princessnanny


People just assume that everyone must like you and that you’re popular I’ve been single all my life and still a virgin, most of my “ugly” friends already dated, kissed, or gotten laid. Then they complain about being forever alone and ugly and how I must have “huge lines” of girls wanting to date me. I don’t. —potcheto


It’s very hard to tell whether people like you for you and not just an image they have in your head of who you are based on your looks.

That was a problem I had in my twenties. Not as much now in my early thirties. Once I started showing my age, that problem kind of went away. —Korberos