People Reveal The Traits They Find Utterly Irresistible In Another Person

Eyes give us the great gift of observation but without other life, we wouldn’t be able to capture its essence. As humans, we tend to observe every little thing we come across with whether it’s how many cracks the sidewalk you are currently walking on has or the number of seeds you are able to count on a strawberry’s outer flesh. There really is no explanation as to why we do the things we do but they are sure appreciated by other forms of existence. You see, the little things that you do that you may find weirdly abnormal about yourself may just be that one thing that can drive someone else head over heels crazy for you. Of course, every person is different which means every person has different likes and dislikes and it is completely fine because this means that there is someone made exactly for someone else out there that will not only accept everything about you but cherish it to its full capacity. It’s such a heartwarming feeling to hear someone go on a rant about all the things they love about their special someone which is why I’ve decided to warm your heart by sharing some statements found on this Reddit thread.


When someone absolutely loses their shit laughing at something. Bonus points if they laugh hard enough to cry. I guess it’s a surrender and it’s an honest expression of emotion. It warms my heart, plus most people look better when they’re smiling or in a good mood


A guy with no ego. My husband is like this–nothing embarrasses him, and he’s ashamed of nothing. If someone were to challenge his manliness/intelligence/what-have-you, he’d probably just shrug and walk away. It’s so attractive, because–in a weird way–having no ego shows how confident you are.


Unique eyes. Rare colours like green, hazel, and ice blue. Flecks of another colour. Heterochromia. That kinda thing.