10 Things You Should Never Say To Your Significant Other During A Fight

This happens to all of us, no relationship is perfect. There comes a point in a time when it finally happens – we fight. We bicker, we argue, we say things we don’t mean. Arguments can be over something so dumb and simple, or we can fight about something serious. We can easily get worked up and say things we probably shouldn’t be saying – and, we do most of the time. But, sometimes, there are things we should avoid saying in arguments with our partner because it’ll make everything worse.

1. “It’s fine.”

The only time you should say it’s fine is when it’s really fine. But, chances are, it’s not fine and you’re still angry. You can’t just say this and expect your partner to read your mind and know it’s actually not fine.

2. “You’re overreacting.”

This is a huge “no, no” in relationships and arguments. Saying this makes your partner feel as though their feelings are invalid and you don’t have the time to listen to them. How can you expect him to hear you out if you won’t hear him out?

3. “Yep.” or “Nope.”

One word answers are the worst. It’s just as annoying as texting someone back “K.” It’s the same as telling someone they’re overreacting – you make them feel as though you have no time to listen to them or hear them out. And, it also makes us feel as though we’re wasting our time, especially if we’ve said a bunch and you reply with just one word.

4. “Oh, that’s just great/wonderful.”

This sounds like you are being sarcastic and a smart ass. This just creates an environment where someone will end up getting angry. If you’re arguing about something serious, throwing sarcasm into it will just make the situation more heated and causes much more tension.

5. “Nothing is wrong.”

If something is wrong, don’t deny it. Obviously, your partner is not a mindreader and you can’t expect them to know everything. Passive aggressiveness and sulking will only make your partner angry and confused – because you’ve told them nothing is wrong. Be honest, don’t lie.