10 Things You Should Never Say To Your Significant Other During A Fight

6. “You never…”

There are better ways to approach situations where you want your partner to do more or change a behavior. Using the phrase “you never” makes them feel as though you don’t value anything they do in the relationship and creates an insecurity for them. Try using the phrase “It would make me feel better if you did….more,” or, “Can you try doing this more?”

7. “Leave.”

If you say this, you better mean it. Throwing a relationship away during a fight is unhealthy and unfair. It makes your partner feel as though you don’t value the relationship at all and that you’ll be super quick to leave.

8. “My ex would never do this.”

Yeah, maybe so, but they are an ex for a reason. Don’t bring up your ex in any arguments because you wouldn’t like it if they did that to you. Comparing your relationship to another one is disrespectful.

9. “I hate your friends.”

Your partner should never have to choose their friends over you and vice versa. If you don’t like a friend of theirs, be polite and nice, but avoid hanging out with them. Unless there’s something serious, you have to just deal with people you don’t necessarily like. It’s a life lesson, you’re not going to like everyone you meet. But, be mature and deal with it.

10. “You’re a (insert insult here).”

Don’t insult your partner and call them a dick, asshole, bitch, etc. Doing this will result in a lot of unwanted and unnecessary anger. If you’re super angry during a fight, take five minutes to cool off. Don’t let yourself fly off the handle and start hurling insults across the room, they’re hurtful and they could potentially end your relationship entirely.