7 Little Things You Can Do To Be A Better Girlfriend

Relationships are hard work. No matter how long you’ve been with someone, how much you love someone, there are still ways you can better yourself and work on yourself to make your relationship better. No one is perfect, everyone can use a little “workshopping” from time to time. You may not be the worst girlfriend in the entire world, but, there are ways that you can be an even better girlfriend to make your relationship stronger.

1. Understand that “guys night” is “guys night.”

Some girls get angry when their boyfriend goes out with his friends too often. When you’re dating someone, not everything can be about you two all of the time. Everyone needs space and time to themselves, or with their friends/family to blow off steam. Let your boyfriend have fun and let loose with his friends, at the end of the night he’s coming home to you anyway.

2. Don’t be a helicopter girlfriend.

Your boyfriend is a grown man, he doesn’t need two mothers telling him what to do all the time. Don’t nag him to do things and ask him 45 questions everytime he gets home. Guys have a mentality where they want to be the “man” and do things when they want to do them. Let him do things on his own time. Unless it’s directly affecting you in some way, leave him be.

3. Give him space when he needs it.

If your boyfriend is stressed out or feels overwhelmed with work, school, friends, etc. don’t pester him about “why you haven’t hung out lately.” Let him do his thing and get his sh*t together. Don’t make his life even harder when he’s already in over his head. If he’s dating you, he wants to be with you – just because he doesn’t text you every 4 seconds or see you every single day doesn’t mean he’s changed his mind.