7 Little Things You Can Do To Be A Better Girlfriend

4. Support his dreams or goals, even if you don’t love them.

Your boyfriend may decide he wants to take up a new hobby, try a new sport or even quit his job and try something else that works better for him. As his girlfriend, you should support his dreams, all in. Don’t question him and make him feel insecure about his aspirations. Just because they don’t match yours, doesn’t mean they’re wrong or invalid.

5. Appreciate the things he does for you.

It’s nice to say “thank you” from time to time, but, you have to appreciate the things your boyfriend does for you – I mean, really appreciate them. Gratitude. I’m not saying you have to kiss his feet and worship the ground he walks on, but realizing he’s trying and showing him you’re grateful makes all the difference.

6. Practice forgiveness.

Your boyfriend is not perfect. He’s going to make mistakes and he’s going to let you down sometimes. You need to learn how to forgive him for the things that aren’t life or death. He may have forgotten to call you when he got home the other night, he may have forgotten a family dinner he said he’d go to. But, if he isn’t hurting you and he isn’t cheating on you, it’s good to learn to forgive. And not that half-ass “it’s okay” and later you bring it up again, I mean really forgive him.

7. Get your own life.

Your boyfriend and your relationship should never be the end-all, be-all of your life. You need to have your own life, too. Be busy, do things you love, go on vacation with your friends. Don’t make your relationship your everything. You need to learn to be happy on your own time, on your own terms, too. It puts too much pressure on your relationship and your boyfriend if you constantly make the relationship your entire world.