12 Things Every Girl Can Expect From Moving In With Her Boyfriend

So youre taking the next step in your relationship, and finally shacking up and moving in with your SO. Youve been planning this for a while, you’ve dreamt about the days you’d be decorating a place together, and you figure that youve had enough sleepovers together over the years to know what youre in for. Youre ready for constant cuddles, tons of home cooked meals together and coming home after a long day to your favorite person in the world. While all of these things are definitely things to look forward to,thats not all youre signing up for. After moving in with my boyfriend, we were faced with a few realities that sometimes make us laugh, and sometimes push us to our absolute limits.

1. You’re going to have to start hiding your favorite snacks.

Remember those days when your older brother would eat all your leftovers and that bag of Goldfish that you bought yesterday is suddenly missing? Living with your boyfriend is pretty much the same thing. Long gone are the days of rationing your faves to last for days and days. Long gone are the days of ever having enough ice-cream. Let the game of hide-and-seek with your favorite foods begin!

2. Youll be at risk of spending too much time together.

Make sure youre prioritizing all of the other things in your life now that your SO is living with you full-time. Sometimes, it’s really unhealthy to spend too much time with your partner. Dont forget that you dont have to spend every second together just because you share a living space. Continue going out with friends, spend a day out on your own here and there, make sure youre still comfortable being by yourself every once in awhile.

3. You’ll realize just closing the bathroom door is not enough.

If you want your privacy, you better lock that door. With that newfound comfort that you’re building with each other comes shameless poops while youre in the shower, brushing your teeth or even trying to just use the mirror. There are no more secrets. You will see everything.

4. Youre going to have to reevaluate your boundaries.

Now that youre living together, you cant just escape when things get tough. If you argue, you cant just go home. You are home now, together. You share everything even a bed. Youre going to need to find new ways to get your privacy, especially when you two fight. Sometimes, it’s good to have a place where you can go to escape like the local park for a run or even the gym.

5. What used to be “mine” will soon become ours.”

This is something Ive learned to really love about sharing a space with my partner. Youre in this is a team, now. You share the space, and you share the stuff in the space. With sharing comes compromise, which may be one of the most important lessons in a relationship to learn. Learning to adjust from mine to ours may take some time, but its extremely vital.

6. Eventually, you’ll have to decide what to eat.

If youre anything like me, youre the type of girlfriend who always says I dont know when your SO asks what you want for dinner. Now that youre living together, you have a whole week of meals to think about, not just Friday or Saturday. Theres only so many default Wendys trips you can make in such a short time. You have to start expanding your mind, ladies. Try new foods, look up new recipes or just figure out what you want to eat already.