12 Things Every Girl Can Expect From Moving In With Her Boyfriend

7. You’re bound to have the toilet paper talk.

That’s right, ladies. You know exactly what I’m talking about. When he goes to change the toilet paper roll but alas – it’s facing the wrong way. This was a set rule in my house growing up, we had our preferences and we weren’t budging. The other day, I walked into my bathroom to find this very disaster before my eyes. (Luckily, he changed it later that day before I had time to say anything about it, I’ve trained him well). Another conversation you’ll end up having pretty soon after – the toilet seat talk. Is it that hard to put down the lid?

8. You’re going to have to compete for your pet’s affection.

We have a cat, and we both love her very much, However, my boyfriend thinks she likes him better because of the way he pets her, and I think she likes me more because I… well… feed her the most.  If you two have a pet, or one of you has a pet prior and bring him/her into your new love nest, you’ll end up arguing about them, no doubt. We’re constantly competing with each other for her attention, but in the end, she probably just hates both of us.

9. You have to tell him what needs to get done, he’s not going to read your mind.

If you want something done around the house, you’re going to have to learn to speak up and mention it. Sometimes our SOs do things a little differently, have different priorities – and that’s okay. Just make sure you’re communicating your needs for comfortable living, and keeping in mind your SOs preferences, as well. If you want things to be done fairly, you have to ask. You can’t expect them to clean the kitchen and do the dishes without you saying so – no man is perfect.

10. Going grocery shopping together will be a constant fight.

Let’s face it, he just doesn’t get your cravings sometimes and leaving him to do the shopping on his own may leave something to be desired. Going together makes sure both of you have input and are fully aware of what you’re purchasing. That’s right, you’ll get those 2 pints of Ben and Jerry’s because you know he only would’ve gotten one. But, beware the epic “supermarket fight” that will probably occur. You both have different preferences in snacks and meals – and you’re on a limited budget. You know how this equation is going to turn out.

11. You’re going to crave personal space.

Now that you’re sharing everything, make sure you still have a space that benefits you and a place that is all your own. It may seem hard to do when you’re living in a small apartment, but, if they can bring their stuff, you can bring yours. I have spaces for my books and my hobbies. My boyfriend has his PC gaming set up and his book collection, giving us both our own sense of identity along with the unit of our relationship.

12. You’ll need to make extra time to see your family now that you don’t live “at home.”

Now that you two are living together, you have to make it a priority to incorporate your family into your lives whenever possible. They’re not there every day, and we all took their constant presence for granted before experiencing life on our own. It’s easy to get caught up in the jitters of moving in together, and almost cut yourselves off from the world while you’re re-adjusting, but make sure you work hard to keep those family ties close.

Living with your SO is hard work, but hard work comes with amazing rewards. I wouldn’t trade my life for anything, even my cat’s undying, undivided love. Nothing worth having is ever easy, and with the right amount of work, patience, and love, you’re set for the adventure of a lifetime. So get out there and hide your snacks, fix the toilet paper, and tell your boyfriend you love him. Welcome home, y’all.