30 Things To Thank Your Significant Other For

Thanks, baby.

Life is crazy. Sometimes, we’re in such a rush we put our underwear on inside out (or is that just me?) Due to the crazy, chaotic and hectic realities we all live in, it’s common that we forget to say “thank you,” to our partners for everything they do for us.

In relationships, appreciation goes a long way – especially, when they deserve it. It’s the small moments of recognition that make us feel that we’re truly loved.

Here’s to the boyfriends, girlfriends, fiancés, wives and husbands that we far too often take for granted.

1. Thank you for not watching the new episode of “our show” without me.

2. Thank you for being patient with me.

3. Thank you for not judging my ugly crying face.

4. Thank you for being understanding.

5. Thank you for sharing you fries. And your onion rings.

6. Thank you for going to all the places I’ve forced you to go to – against your will.

7. Thank you for listening to my weird rants at 2 a.m.

8. Thank you for believing in my dreams and goals.

9. Thank you for not judging my awful singing voice in the car. And the shower.

10. Thank you for being supportive, especially when I need it the most.

11. Thank you for dealing with my horrible morning breath.

12. Thank you for coming into disagreements and arguments with an open-mind.

13. Thank you for laughing at my jokes even when they’re really awful (and not funny).

14. Thank you for including me in your decisions.

15. Thank you for letting me sleep, even if your arm is numb because I passed out on top of you.

16. Thank you for dealing with my crazy side.

17. Thank you for vegging out with me on a Friday night in PJ’s.

18. Thank you for making me feel like the only person in a crowded room.

19. Thank you for looking at 25 pictures of adorable animals with me because…well why the hell not?

20. Thank you for accepting me for who I am and where I am in life.

21. Thank you for being just as weird as me.

22. Thank you for the surprises – even the small ones.

23. Thank you for not judging me when I yell at the television during a game or a show.

24. Thank you for always making life an adventure.

25. Thank you for showing me truth.

26. Thank you for showing me reason.

27. Thank you for showing me love.

28. Thank you for being you.

29. Thank you for all the small things.

30. And the big ones, too.