22 Dates Gone So Bad, It’ll Make You Feel Better About Your Own Love Life

Dates are extremely nerve-wracking. Why is that? Well, it’s pretty simple. See, it’s seriously a whole process to get ready for them and worse, even going on them. The worries and excessive doubts of not knowing what will come about are excruciatingly uncomfortable but, the fact of the matter is that the dating life is just a complete drag and absolutely no one gets away without at least one bad experience. We all go through it and one way or another, so, get it over with. Sure, we’re stuck with the most traumatic and unfond memories but, we have to learn somehow. It’s a way of life to know how to accurately distinguish how awkward a date could go or how great it is to find someone worth your time who you have things in common with.

And, what is life without getting a little laugh out our other people’s expenses? Honestly, this is one of the few reasons while I love the internet and that is because we can all share our unfortunate life stories. After rummaging through several anonymous threads, I bring you some of the worst date stories that will make you thank the lord that you weren’t a part of the tale.


I went on a blind date with a girl. I was trying to be funny and joked, “I’ve never been on a blind date because I was afraid my date would be blind.” She started crying because she’s visually impaired and had just built up the courage to start dating.


I was on a date with a guy from a dating app. I thought it was bad enough having to drive (he was planning to drink) and pay for dinner, but then he asked me to make a stop so he could catch a Pokémon because he didn’t have that one with a hat.


I went on my first date in a year with a guy I met just a couple hours ago. I went back to my hotel to get better dressed and met him at the bar. I brought my purse, he brought his girlfriend.


I went on a Tinder date with a hot British guy. He spent 90% of the date talking about his ex, but I invited him back to my place anyway. He came after 20 minutes of foreplay then left without even offering to get me off.


I was on a date with my boyfriend when he suddenly got down on one knee and proposed. A waiter tripped over him and spilled our food all over him.