18 Women Admit The Most Embarrassing Thing To Ever Happen To Them On A First Date

First dates can be really terrifying. There’s a lot of pressure for people to look their best, not stick their foot in their mouth and still score themselves a second date – if they’re into the other person. Many times, people get so worked up about the stress of a first date that, they completely blow it. Other times, they end up hating the person they’re seeing and get completely blackout drunk. Either way, both recipes can lead to absolute disaster for anyone. We asked 18 women to tell us the most embarrassing moment that ever happened to them on a first date and OMG did they deliver.

1. Megan, 22-years-old.

I was on a first date with someone I matched with on Tinder. In his profile picture, he was totally good looking – kind of like a young Ryan Gosling. He had a dog, his family had a summer house in The Hamptons – he even liked the same movies and TV shows I liked. I should have known it was too good to be true. I arrived at the bar in the city to see my a 45-year-old man sitting at the bar in the “red sweater” my date was supposed to be wearing. I didn’t even make eye contact and tried running away faster than Mighty Mouse – but tripped on the carpet by the front door of the bar. A guy came over to help me up – my date, Mr. Young Ryan Gosling. I had assumed I was being stood up and he was too good to be true before even looking around the bar. Completely felt like a d*ck the rest of the date.

2. Rachel, 31-years-old.

I was on a date with this girl I was set up with by a mutual friend. I was excited because I was told she was into the same music that I liked, so I told her we should see a show together and let her choose. I told her I lived indie music, she ended up taking me to a Bollywood Night at a local club by her apartment. I was too embarrassed to explain to her what “indie” meant. We didn’t have a second date.

3. Amanda, 26-years-old.

I was on a date with a guy and we were going to see a movie. I usually hate going to movies on dates because you can’t really talk, but, we were supposed to get some drinks or coffee afterward so I obliged. During the movie, I had to pee so f*cking badly but, when I went to get up, my date reached over and said: “don’t leave, you’re going to miss the movie.” He literally made me sit through the movie while holding in my pee. When we were leaving, the line was so long that I accidentally leaked a little and it was all up on my pants. I tried to dry it off with those hand dryers, but you can kind of tell I pissed myself a little bit. I was mortified.