18 Women Admit The Most Embarrassing Thing To Ever Happen To Them On A First Date

13. Heather, 19-years-old.

I’m mixed racially, my father is black and my mother is white – but, I look more like my mother – so, not a lot of people know I’m half black. I went on a date with someone who pitched for my school’s baseball team – he was white. We went to a restaurant and the busboy forgot to refill our waters after my date had asked a few times. I get it, it was a Friday night and it was busy. But, my date made a racist comment about how he’s black and can’t remember things or something along those lines. I felt super uncomfortable but didn’t say much, just decided then and there I wouldn’t see him again. My brother and his girlfriend walked into the restaurant as we were leaving (there aren’t a lot of nice restaurants in our town) and my brother looks much more like my father – much darker than I am. I introduced him to my date as my brother, and my date immediately turned ghost white. He was silent the entire way home.

14. Stephanie, 21-years-old.

I went to dinner with this guy I was lusting over for months, I was so excited when he asked me out. We had texted back and forth for a few weeks and things seemed to be going really well. I went to the bathroom during dinner and came back to sit down when he pointed out that there was a mark on my skirt. I looked down and saw that I had leaked on my beige skirt – period blood. I don’t know who was more embarrassed, him or me.

15. Nicole, 23-years-old.

I accidentally spit out an entire piece of chicken when I was laughing at a joke he told. An entire piece of chewed chicken. It landed in his drink. I wanted to cry. Or, shoot myself in the face. I just turned red and said “sorry” really quietly.