17 People Confess Why They Flirt With People While In A Relationship

When you flirt with someone, it’s always a cat and mouse game – the art of the chase. There’s no better feeling of the exhilaration you get when you’re interested in someone and you find out, they’re interested in you, too. Everyone loves the beginning of a budding romance because it feels like nothing else in the world – you’re high on life and lust. But, once you land yourself in a romantic relationship long-term, things can change. You still flirt with your significant other, but, the feelings are completely different sometimes. While not all relationships lose that “spark” of the chase, some do. And, because of that, some people look for that feeling outside of their relationship. While it’s not exactly right – or fair – to your partner, people still love that “dangerous” feeling they get when they flirt with someone who’s not their own partner. And, they confessed why.