People Are Now ‘Micro-Cheating’ In Their Relationships, In Case You Didn’t Already Hate Dating Today

When it comes to dating today, it seems as though absolutely everyone is unsatisfied or completely unable to speak up and explain how they truly feel about another person. There are dozens of ‘phrases’ that describe the passive-aggressive ways we basically hurt other people because we don’t have the guts to tell them we’re no longer interested in the relationship and feel it’s best to move on. Instead, we think it’s best to string people along and drive them absolutely insane with questioning and wondering exactly what went wrong. It’s hard to totally understand why people do what they do when it comes to love–but, I do know that I’m not a huge fan of the way most people interact when it comes to dating in 2018.

In the past, the worst thing someone could do to their significant other was cheating on them. Point blank, there’s no excuse if you cheat on someone you are in a monogamous relationship with. We all make terrible mistakes that we regret, but that doesn’t mean that our decisions are just or okay. Whenever we cheat on someone, we’re not only hurting ourselves, our reputations, and our dignity, but we’re completing f*cking over someone we once loved and respected. It’s wrong, and it shouldn’t be done.

But now, there are dozens of other ways you can hurt someone–just as bad as cheating on them–and they go by phrases like “gas-lighting,” “ghosting,” or even “cushioning.” Now, while those do sound pretty awful, there’s a brand new term that makes everyone worry about the big, black, scary reality of cheating and it’s called: micro-cheating.