People Are Now ‘Micro-Cheating’ In Their Relationships, In Case You Didn’t Already Hate Dating Today

11. Phubbing:

Phubbing is something that happens on a date. This is when you go out with someone and the person is spending the entire time on their phone, rather than getting to know you or focusing on the date itself. It’s a combination of the words “phone,” and “snub,” so basically, they’re snubbing you with their phone, rather than appreciating the date or you. Pro-tip: Get up and leave.

12. Layby:

Layby is when someone is already in a relationship with someone, but the relationship is clearly failing. They are unhappy, unsatisfied and no longer want to date that person. But, they are unable to come to terms with how to end the relationship, so, they put the person on a “layby.” They start looking for other people that peak their interest and invest in a “new relationship” before ever ending the old one. Much like cushioning, this is borderline cheating. Stop being a bunch of pansies and know when you need to end a relationship. Is it really that hard to do?

13. Slow Fade:

Slow fade is basically exactly as it sounds – someone you’re dating slowly begins to fade out of your life without warning. It’s similar to ghosting where they disappear in the end, but, it’s not as abrupt or instant as ghosting. Instead, they answer texts less frequently, make plans less, etc. Eventually, the end result is the same though.

14. Haunting/Zombie-ing:

Haunting, also known as “Zombie-ing” is a direct result of ghosting. It’s also very much like submarining. The person you are dating completely disappears out of your life – ghosting. Then, when you’re completely gotten over it and moved on, they reappear like someone out of The Walking Dead. Hence, “haunting” you like a “zombie.” What a load of sh*t. If you’re gone, be f*cking gone.

15. Catfishing:

Catfishing is a term that not a lot of people knew about back in the day – but, with MTV’s new reality TV show exposing all you catfishers out there, it’s taken on popularity. Catfishing is when you pretend to be someone online and flirt, date or talk to another person under this alias. Many of times, people choose models, influencers and other “good looking” people to use as their personas in order to entice people to talk to them. While it sounds wild, there are hundreds of people who have been in actual relationships where they’ve ended up being catfished – just watch the show on MTV, it’s wild.