People Are Now ‘Micro-Cheating’ In Their Relationships, In Case You Didn’t Already Hate Dating Today

16. Stashing:

Stashing happens when you’re dating someone for a while and you reach the step in your relationship where you want to meet their friends or family – but, they hide you away. They basically treat you like a “secret stash.” It’s a way that they can appear single and not tied down to someone, not having to answer heavy questions about commitment and probably date other people at the same time. If you’re dating someone for a while and you haven’t met their friends or family – they’re either a serial killer or they’re just not down to commit.

17. Gaslighting:

Gaslighting is actually a really toxic dating term that is borderline abuse. It’s when people manipulate you in a relationship and make you feel as though you’re going crazy. It’s as simple as lying to someone and as complicated as making someone feel as though they’re inferior and always wrong – or even sick in the head. Gaslighting is dangerous and when you’re with somebody or seeing somebody that does it, it’s a sure sign to run the other way.

18. Breezing:

Breezing is a dating term that isn’t all bad. It’s basically about “not giving a f*ck” and doing what you want when you want and how you want. Not aggressively to control someone, but in a way that you’re not trying too hard to play it cool and calm when you’re just not like that. It’s basically no games (whereas the rest of these terms are all games). When people are “breezing” they’re straightforward and themselves. It’s the way dating should be, in my eyes.