People Are Basically Cheating On Their Partners & Calling It ‘Cushioning’

With so many dating trends popping up in “dating society,” it’s almost hard to keep track of what the f*ck is going on with people.

From ghosting, to bread-crumbing to breezing – it’s as if people forget how to just be in a relationship anymore. It may come as a surprise to some, but it is possible to be in a romantic relationship with someone without playing so many games. The more games you continue to play, the more you complicate things for yourself.

Now, people are calling this new dating game cushioning. In reality, it’s basically a new-generational way to say – I’m cheating on you.

Cushioning is like taking out insurance on your relationship incase you get dumped and you’re too scared of being alone. It basically means you’re creating a “cushion” for yourself to fall on. You hook other people that are interested in you, give them the notion that you may be interested in them too, neglecting the fact that you’re in a committed and “monogamous” relationship already.

This. Is. F*cking. Wrong.

If you’re in a relationship with someone and the two of you have agreed to not see other people, that means you also shouldn’t be flirting and talking to other people. If you’re too scared to be alone and need “cushioning” incase things don’t work out – you’re clearly not mature enough to be in a relationship at all.

No relationship is perfect and sometimes, no matter how bad you want them to, things don’t always last forever. Just because you’re worried you may have to start all over again doesn’t mean you can f*ck someone else over for being scared.

If you’re busy “cushioning,” you’re not really invested in your relationship 100% and, that’s likely what is going to cause your relationship to end before anything else. The only way to make your relationship work, I mean really work, is by giving your all.

Sometimes in life, you have to stop fearing what can go wrong and start to embrace what can go right – and, it won’t happen if you’re busy texting 4 different people while you’re laying in bed next to your partner.