10 Dates That Are Better Than A Taboo Coffee Date

It could be a Tinder date, or even someone that you just have not been dating long enough to have a fancy sit down dinner with. Or maybe you are on a budget. But, either way, we are so over the boring coffee date. Sure, it’s nice in thought and all, but once we’re at the coffee shop things are just bland. There’s only so long we can sit with a cup of coffee before the drink and the conversation becomes luke-warm. Whatever the case may be, there are so many other date ideas that are better than just coffee. Coffee dates give off such a taboo vibe. The smells of dark coffee beans roasting, people typing away on their laptops looking to get work done anywhere other than their desk, and the round little tables that are just way too tight to actually enjoy yourself; and the person you are with.

1. Drive-In Movie:

Just like in the “olden days” as your old relative would refer to them, drive-in movies are perfect because they are so much better than an average date. Plus who doesn’t want to be cuddled up in the back seat of the car? Talk about nostalgia. If you look online, a lot of towns do drive-in movies or even movies in the park. Either one is a way to impress someone and do something that’s a bit different and not as uncomfortable

2. Mini Golf:

Mini golf is a perfect way to get a little competitive and still have fun with your date. You can spend an hour or two playing around for a decent price. It’s always fun to see who’s better and even embarrass yourself along the way. Some places serve beer and wine on the course, too, which adds even more to the fun. This is definitely a date worth your while.

3. Zoo or Aquarium:

If you or your date is an animal lover this is a perfect date that is way more interesting that coffee. Plus, you could definitely learn a lot from this date about animals and wildlife. Going to the zoo is the best way to enjoy the good weather and see a bunch of adorable baby animals while going to the aquarium is equally as enjoyable. Seriously, who doesn’t love seeing baby seals?

4. Camping:

This is definitely for the couple who’s been dating for a while, but, camping is the best getaway for getting to know someone. The great thing about camping is that cell service is very limited and there is no WiFi. What is the benefit of this you might ask? Well you are forced to actually spend the entire date of the date talking and getting to know the person you are with better. Scary, right?

5. Stargazing:

Talk about romantic! Take a blanket out to open land and just spend the night staring up at the stars. This is a great way to just talk and get a lot out there about your relationship. Who doesn’t feel inclined to open up under a bright, beautiful sky? It’s definitely one for the books.