This Woman Actually Has A Spreadsheet To Keep Track Of All Her Bad Dates

They say dating is learning.

Well, they don’t really say that so much. But I just said it, and it’s true! Every date you go on lets you learn a little something about yourself and what you like. You learn about your personal red-flags and deal breakers, and you also learn how to stop getting fooled by people who’s profiles contain the phrase “Tortured artist.”

If dating is a classroom, then this woman is about to get her Masters degree. Her name is Anna Heaton and she’s apparently been on 77 dates in two years — still searching for her perfect match.

It’s not for lack of effort, either. She also keeps a spreadsheet — yes, a spreadsheet — of her lackluster dates, complete with numerical ratings for various aspects of the experience.

‘I know what I’m looking for and I just haven’t found it,” said Anna to Daily Mail. “I often have a lot in common with people but the spark just isn’t there, I just don’t fancy them.”

Heaton is 29, and facing the prospect of being single a.f. at 30. Which — while there’s nothing wrong with that!!! — isn’t exactly what she imagined for herself. “I’d never settle but I did think that by 30 I would be on the verge of being engaged, all my friends are married and have boyfriends and I’m the one that is left,” Heaton said.

Her perfectionist approach to dating even landed her a spot on the British dating game show Take Me Out:

She sounds like a real……… catch.

Look, making a dating spreadsheet and going on as many dates as possible is your prerogative. If it’s what makes you happy and brings you closer to the person that’s right for you, more power to ya!

However, it sounds like Anna might be missing the hardest and most valuable lesson that everyone has to learn in their dating lives: No one is perfect.

Literally no one. You could have a boyfriend that check every single box on all 26 pages of your “requirements” and he’ll still eat your leftover Chinese food without asking. It’s kind of the point of being with someone; learning to accept their flaws. Because really think about it… aren’t you a little annoying, too?

So spreadsheets and field-playing aside: when you do find that person who lights up your world, just know that one day they’re gonna annoy the sh** out of you. If you still like them after that, then congrats! You’re ahead of the game.

End PSA.