30 People Share Their Ultimate Relationship Deal Breaker, No Matter How Much Love Is There

Relationships can be complicated AF. Sometimes, no matter how much you love someone, it just doesn’t work out. Why is that you may ask – well, because there are thing that surface within your SO overtime that you just cannot get behind. Maybe it’s an opinion of theirs, a personality trait, something they have done while out in public – whatever it is, you just cannot look past it and decide – it’s better to break up than stay together.

While everyone has different “relationship deal breakers,” some of them are pretty clear – while others, pretty unique.

1. TestZero:

Don’t play games or “test their loyalty”

We’re adults. Not highschoolers.

2. edmD3ATHmachin3:

Started this one early. Now very happily married for 10 years.

If it’s something that would hurt you if I did it, then don’t do it yourself.

3. hintomania:

I need private time. This is an absolute necessity. If I get any of the ‘so you don’t like spending time with me?!’ early on just because I don’t see you every day of the week, I’m out of there.


Don’t touch ‘my’ money. Seems stupid but if I tell you about my emergency stash, don’t touch it unless it is an emergency. A sale on curtains at Bed Bath & Beyond does not constitute an emergency.

5. AFGNCAAP_Paradigm:

No cheating.

6. squeeze708:

I can’t be in an all day text-conversation. It’s absolutely miserable.

7. iaminfamy:

Well I thought that “Don’t suck other dude’s dicks” was a perfectly acceptable rule.

Apparently my ex didn’t think that was integral to the relationship.

8. Nicksaurus:

No stabbing.

9. sometimesidrawfish:

I come with a dog. This is not negotiable.

10. namastayherewithme:

Keep the relationship private! We’re adults now, if we fight you don’t have to tell mommy and daddy or discus it with them. If you have an issue with me talk to me. You will forgive and forget but others will not. My ex would tell his parents everything and it ultimately killed us.

11. JFMX1996:

If I catch you going through my phone, you won’t find anything. I don’t cheat, but I also don’t like someone who is going to be having trust issues with me.

12. SomeEnglishLad:

If any partner ever said to me something like “no one else would want you” or anything like that then I’m out the fucking door. No ifs, no buts, just fucking bye bye.

13. eiefant:


14. Paugh:

I will ask TWICE “What’s wrong?” or “What’s the matter?”.

If you can’t be honest and open with two chances, you forfeit the right to air grievances.

15. IxuntouchblexI:

If you do not like my best friends.. don’t you dare try pulling me away from them. We’ve been there for each other through thick and thin. They are my second family.

16. SamwiseDaGude1:

Nothing goes in my ass. I don’t care who the fuck you are.

17. partofbreakfast:

No physical violence or threats of physical violence. If you hit me or raise a hand against me in a threat, we’re through.

18. Back2Bach:

The “silent treatment” is childish. Avoid it at all cost.

19. SleepiestScotsman:

Chew with ya damn mouth closed!

20. smallerthings:


I fucking hate cigarettes. I grew up in a house where my step-dad chain smoked and the entire place smelled terrible. I walked around smelling like smoke because of him.

It’s a huge turnoff for me to see a woman smoking. I don’t want to kiss you or be close to you.

21. cholaykhao:

I don’t date girls with lazy eyes. I once had a girlfriend who had a lazy eye, but I had to break up with her coz she was seeing someone on the side.

22. joekneebeegood:

Don’t be rude to waitresses (unless they are just plain rude first)

23. JakeAnthony821:

Close the door when you are in the bathroom. I don’t want to see that, and neither do they.

24. jevmorgan:

No murdering me. If you do, it’s over.

25. thaa123:

If there is something you would not be comfortable with me doing, then don’t do it yourself. Example if you would not be comfortable with me grinding on another girl at a club then don’t go out and grind on a random guy at a club. 

26. boblikeslettuce:

No hitting on 9 year olds.

27. RiggedErection:

Replace the toilet paper.

28. Bookratt:

Racism. You’re a racist? I’m outta there.

When I dated, I dated devout, religious people (I’m an atheist), people who are of other races, who are a lot older than me, poorer or richer than me, from other countries and cultures, less or more educated, true believers of some other political idealogy than my own.

Racism was always my deal breaker.

29. Zalesye:

No sun-beds. They are cancer machines and it shows me that you’re vain af.

30. Weep2D2:

Farts are ALWAYS funny.