8 Reasons Your Relationships Just Aren’t Working Out

Honestly and truthfully.

Do you always end up heartbroken or looking back at guys you’ve dated like it will never get better? Well it may be their faults, but it may also be yours too. Here are some reasons why your relationships may not be working out.

1. Forcing it.

This advice that I got from my mom when I was fourteen, is probably so true it hurts: The best relationships come when you aren’t looking for them. Sure it’s nice to be in a relationship and having someone to cuddle at night feels amazing, but if you’re forcing yourself into relationships, the vibe in your relationship may not be what you were searching for.

2. Expecting too much. 

Sometimes someone can’t see you for a day, night or even weekend. I know that my boyfriend works from 1pm to midnight, and yes it bothers the shit out of me, but he is working and it’s something I have learned to except as a part of his life. Whether he works or wants to see friends or family, we need to start accepting that they are and we are two separate people outside of the relationship. We all have to accept that Ryan Gosling does not exist in our world.

3. Expecting too little. 

On the other hand when we expect too little out of people, that can often leave us in vulnerable positions. Not having a voice and being honest in your relationship can often lead to having partners that can easily take advantage of you. Have a voice and use it.

4. Repetition.

Often times we will find ourselves dating the same type of guy. Whether you find yourself dating the bad boys, the jocks or even guys that have the exact same habit of biting their fingernails, at a certain point you have to realize that the guy you’ve been dating, the one you’ve basically dated five different times, is not working. Realize what went wrong in terms of who you dated, and try to avoid people of the same nature.

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5. Control.

There is nothing wrong with feeling life you need to have control of things and people in your life. It’s human nature. But sometimes you have to accept the fact that the person you chose to date is not going to like the things your like or act the way you want them to act. If you can’t stand the something about the person you are with and feel it would not be something you could live with, they probably just aren’t the right fit for you

6. Too Different. 

Yes it is true that opposites attract, but should you date someone that is the complete opposite of you? Maybe not. Sure dating someone completely similar may not bring so much excitement into your life, but dating someone completely different than you may bring a whole new set of issues into your relationship. Sure it’s good to disagree on some things, but you may feel stressed fighting about what music to play on a car ride.

7. You’re too young.

I remember having my first relationship when I was thirteen, and thank God that ended. Not only was it a terrible relationship, but now, being in my early twenties, I look back and realize I was too young. When you’re young you don’t really have a sense of what you want and who you want to be as a person. As you grow you will change and so will the people around you, and you may find yourself realizing the person you are with may not be the person you seemed to like when you were younger.

8. Sometimes, it just doesn’t work. 

Let’s face it. Sometimes, relationships just don’t work out. It may not have to do with anything that went wrong, or even went right. Relationships end just like there’s always new days, months and years ahead of you. So don’t lose hope and know that one day you’ll wake up with the person you love and look back to those five minutes you spent reading an article about why your relationships are not working out.

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