An Open Letter To The Girls Who Love Too Hard

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with you.

Dear Girls Who Think They Love Too Hard,

You clicked on this post for a reason.

If you are anything like me, you’ve probably been in relationships and friendships where people tell you that you are too much. You do too much. You need too much.

You’ve been called needy, clingy, suffocating. Too big, too loud, too giving.

Somewhere along the line, people made you feel as though because you had a big heart, that wanted to give love, you were weird. Awkward. Unusual. Different.

Whenever people described you – you were made out to be the bad guy. You were told there was something wrong with you. That you needed to change. That you needed to suppress yourself, your emotions,  your soul, to fit into the confinements of someone else’s desires.

You were always told that you needed to do less. Be less.

For people like us, falling in love comes easily – it’s almost as easy as breathing. We know the ways in which we want to feel, how we want to be treated, appreciated, spoken to, felt, touched. And, because of this, we give all of ourselves onto others in hopes that in return, we will feel the same kind of love.

The harsh reality is, not everyone is ever going to appreciate the girl who loves too hard.

But, that doesn’t mean you need to change.

Some people aren’t strong enough to handle someone who is confident enough to open themselves up to others, allowing the possibility of hurt – but, not worrying about the pain. Not everyone is ready to be loved in such an unconditional way. Not everyone deserves to be loved in such a raw, honest way.

Being the girl who loves too hard isn’t a sign of weakness. You’re not weird. You’re not abnormal. You’re not needy or clingy or suffocating.

You’re strong. You’re fearless. You’re courageous and you’re brave.

It takes balls to give someone your all. It takes guts to love someone without any fears.

The people who have a problem with you?

They’re the weak ones. They’re the ones who are scared of being hurt. Scared of being vulnerable. Scared of actual love.

Not everyone can handle you. And, that’s okay.

You are a storm. A force to be reckoned with.

If someone pushes you away, makes you feel ashamed for the way you love – move on.

You will find someone who deserves all of the love you have to offer. You will find someone who deserves all of the time you want to give.

You will find someone who loves too hard, the way that you do, and you will never feel ashamed of the way you love again.