If Your Boyfriend Does These 20 Things, It’s a Forever Thing

Marry the man ASAP.

Not to sound like everybody’s grandmother here, but finding a man in this day in age is a damn mission and a half. Finding a good man? EVEN HARDER. Finding a man who stays loyal AND plans for your future? Girl, marry him ASAP because that sh*t is rare.

Being a twenty-something year old in 2017 is wild. This is the part of your life where people expect us to settle down and get married, buy a house, and soon after, have babies. Ugh, I know, right?

This list is to help you narrow down whether or not your man is ready for the long-run because if you and your boyfriend can relate to the things on this list, you have got yourself a keeper, and you are set for life. Go be free, get married, and live happily ever after. I have done my job. You’re welcome.

1.He appreciates you and shows it.

It’s not hard to say thank you, and your boyfriend knows that. He tells you how much he loves that you’re his girlfriend.

2. He makes sure you know how beautiful you are.

He does more than just tell you though, he makes you feel it, and won’t stop until he’s sure you know how beautiful you are. All of the things that you’re insecure about are the things that he loves the most about you- and he makes sure that you know it.

3. He keeps it interesting.

Spontaneous mid-day road trips? Hell yes. He takes the time to do little things in your relationship that makes it just that much more interesting.

4. He straight up tells you his plans for your future together.

This one is self-explanatory. Your Forever Boy won’t be afraid to make sure you’re involved in the plans he has for his future.

5. He does things in his life in order to plan for your future.

He saves for long-term things, and he works with you to make sure you guys have the future you want. He does things to better himself in order to better your relationship in the long run.