If Your Boyfriend Does These 20 Things, It’s a Forever Thing

Marry the man ASAP.

11. He went out of his way to learn about what makes you who you are.

He wants to know why you get anxious when people leave. He wants to know why you hated clowns as a child. He wants to know what happened in your life to become the person that he wants to spend the rest of his life with.

12. He sticks with you no matter what sh*t happens.

I knew my boyfriend was forever when he stayed up with me until 5 am one morning during an anxiety-fueled breakdown where I spent hours trying to get him to break up with me because I thought he deserved better. He didn’t take anything that I was saying seriously because he knew that I loved him despite what I was saying, and he knew that he loved me, and nothing can get in between that.

13. He knows your coffee order.

Honestly, this is probably the most important point on this list… Just kidding, but still super important because why would you want to date someone who doesn’t take 2 seconds to learn how you drink your coffee? Not worth it.

14. He knows your favorite food and restaurants.

You hardly ever have to deal with the “where do you want to eat” dilemma because he knows all of your favorite foods and restaurants. A forever boyfriend cares enough to learn that you need Taco Bell when you’re PMS-ing and that you need soup when the weather is gloomy.

15. He’s your biggest fan.

Your boyfriend will literally support anything and everything that you do, even if he doesn’t fully understand why you’re doing it. He will hype you up and make sure you know that he’s proud of you and that you’re killin’ it.