If Your Boyfriend Does These 20 Things, It’s a Forever Thing

Marry the man ASAP.

6. He makes it known that he’s fully committed to you and ready to settle down when the time is right…in case planning for the future wasn’t enough of a forever thing.

My boyfriend literally told me that he’s fully committed to me and only me and that he’s been ready to marry me for years. Even though I know that that’s the case, it’s really assuring to hear him say it.

7. He isn’t shady with other girls.

Your boyfriend won’t put you in a situation where you would have to question his intentions with other girls, and he won’t make you insecure about your relationship. If your boyfriend is a forever thing, he wouldn’t make you feel second to other girls.

8. He fully trusts you.

Another self-explanatory point. He trusts the decisions you make and he supports them. He trusts that you’re not going to go out for a girls night and hook up with another dude. It’s the big things and the little things that he trusts you with that show that he’s a forever thing.

9. Everybody knows how in love he is with you.

His family knows, his friends know, even random people in the mall know. They can see it when you two are together. They know just by looking at the way he looks at you and his body language around you that he’s crazy in love.

10. He’s open about his love for you.

Games are for kids. Your boyfriend knows that, so he doesn’t want you to have to guess about where you two are at. He wants you to know that he’s in love with you and that things are going places because you shouldn’t have to guess.